For those of you living in Collin Co., you may have noticed there are no residential programs for adults with mental illnesses. Texas Living is seeking assistance from individuals or organizations that would be interested in developing a 50 bed facility in Collin County for the severe mentally ill population. I need both investors and partners willing to finance and develop this project. Learn more »

Housing Program

Case Management and Housing

Our goal is to find out what motivates our clients and what goals they want to achieve. We can then help identify the steps in achieving each goal and these are the questions we ask:
  • Do they believe they have mental illness?
  • Do they want to take medication to get better?
  • Is there goal to stay out of the hospital and learn how to manage their mental illness?
  • What are their goals (both current and long term) School? Work? Eventually have a family and a home?
  • Where do they want to live and what skills and behaviors does that take to achieve this?
We also identify the behaviors that are hindering them in achieving their goals and these are the questions we ask:
  • If they are the going back and forth to the hospital, what behaviors are responsible?
  • If they don’t take their medication, then how does that affect their goals?
  • Can they recognize the symptoms of their mental illness and do they know how to stop them?
  • Are drugs or alcohol apart of their lives? If so, how does this affect their mental illness?

We then develop a plan on how to achieve these goals. We help them keep their goals realistic as related to their illness and it’s symptoms. What are they capable of doing and what’s most beneficial. We break down their goals in small steps and assist them in achieving them.

Cell: 214 724 2160